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Nautical Charts

What size are your nautical charts?

Out nautical charts come in three sizes. The largest full sheet chart is about 108 cm × 76 cm. The other two sizes are 1/2 and 1/4 the size of the full sheet charts. Normally, about 80% of the charts we stock are full sheet size.

Do you have handheld charts in booklet form?

We have port and harbor guidebooks that clearly show seamarks, shallows, harbor shelters, and other information for pleasure boats and other small craft. These are B5 size booklets about 1 cm thick. But, you should consult nautical charts for detailed information and the latest data.

What is the difference between Japanese nautical charts with a W and those with a JP before the chart number?

The language of the charts is different. Those marked W are printed in both Japanese and English. Those marked JP are printed in English only. The information on the charts and the price are the same. The JP versions, called dual badged charts, are jointly produced by Japan and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. See the Nautical Charts and Publications page for details.

I don’t know how to use or look at nautical charts.

Try Miscellaneous Publication 801 (Manual for Use of Charts and Publications (Japanese Version)).

I want to know what the symbols and marks shown on nautical charts mean.

Take a look at Miscellaneous Chart 6011 (Chart Symbols and Abbreviations).

What is the difference between navigational charts and waterway reference charts?

Navigational charts provide comprehensive information about topography, water depth, shallows, location of lights, and currents so that ships can navigate safely and efficiently. Waterway reference charts are for people operating pleasure boats and are full of information including landmarks, bearings, and obstacles, etc., between the offing and the coast.

Do sailboat and motorboat operators need to have nautical charts?

All ships except a very few types of small craft (rowboats, sculling boats, etc.) are required to have nautical charts on hand. For small boat use, there are port and harbor guidebooks for pleasure boats and small craft and reference charts for sailboats and motorboats.

Can Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) be used on ordinary PCs?

ENCs can be used on a PC by using the separately indicated software. The indicated software is needed to extract the encoded ENC data. (Please contact the software maker directly for questions about the software.)


How can I purchase products?

ou may purchase products directly from our head office in Yokohama or from our Kobe Office. You may also have products delivered, but we ask that you agree to collect on delivery (COD) service.