Corporate History
in 1947Incorporated as Japan Hydrographic Charts & Publications Sales Co.,Ltd
in Gofukubashi,  Chuo-ku,Tokyo.
in 1952Changed to present company name.
in 1953Designated as distributor of National Inagency and Mapping Agency
(NIMA), U.S. Department of Defense.
in 1956Designated as distributor of National Ocean Service(NOS), U.S.
Department of Commerce.
in 1958Mitsui Line (now MOL)became one of major shareholder.
in 1979Designated as sales agent of the Chinese Navy Headquarters.
in 2000Became a member of MOL Techno-Trade group company.
in 2005Started an e-mail service of chart correction data.
in 2006Degnated as the first remote agent of POD(Print-on-Demand)
nautical charts in Asia.
in 2008Designated as distributor of PRIMAR ENC Service.
in 2009Installed ECDIS(Electronic Chart Display & Information System)
in Tokyo Headoffice.
in 2010Started print and sale of POD charts at Kobe office.
in 2011Deginated as distributor of UKHO.
in 2016Head Office Relocation.